Retirement of Icom’s Telehealthcare product

Icom have been providing Telehealthcare solutions for a number of years with the service based around the Visonic Amber panel and associated peripherals. The original company manufacturing the Visonic product was acquired by Tyco some time ago without any initial effect on the supply and manufacture of the panel. More recently however, production of the panel was ceased with little forward warning, although panel components and technical support remained, allowing Icom to continue to offer a comprehensive support and maintenance service. Recently we have been informed by Tyco this service is also now withdrawn.

We have continued to communicate with our Telehealthcare customers, informing them of these developments, which had led us to reluctantly making the decision to withdraw from the Telehealthcare market as of 31st January 2016. No further new or additional Telehealthcare systems will be supplied by Icom, although we may be able to offer some changes and provide service on a best endeavours basis to existing customers.

Icom continue to supply and support Fire Systems, Access Control, CCTV and Emergency Lighting, all of which have been supplied as part of solutions, including Telehealthcare products. Therefore, we remain able to provide on-going service and support on these complimentary products.

We have redirected all Icom Telehealthcare telephone and email communications to our Security division. Therefore, customers can continue to contact Icom as usual. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.


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