Network Services

Our Network Services division specialise in fixed line communications for business. We provide a comprehensive range of products that include; calls, lines, broadband, data circuits, SIP and non-geographic numbers, enabling you to consolidate your communications services with just one supplier.


  • Lines
  • Choosing a line package from us will provide you with telephone lines, supported via the UK network operator Openreach, including Analogue, ISDN2e and ISDN30e, new installations and transfers.


  • Calls
  • The Icom fibre network is one of the most advanced and secure voice networks in the country. Calls are billed to the second to maximise efficiency while automatically detecting and alerting clients to any unusual call activity, providing peace of mind against the threat of fraud.


  • Data Services
  • This service will provide you with reliable business grade internet connectivity from broadband through to extended data solutions, including EFM and FTTC.


  • SIP Services
  • This service allows customers to move lines to an internet based platform; providing reduced call costs, more flexibility, back up lines, resilience and helping to consolidate expenditure.


  • Inbound Services
  • Our inbound services will enable Non-Geographic numbers to port traditional STD numbers onto the platform, add intelligence like diverts on busy and call recording, thereby giving you a compelling business continuity solution.


We pride ourselves on offering substantial savings on line rentals, call charges and other services, subject to tariff, compared to the BT base rate.