Chatsworth had recently upgraded its telephone system to an IP solution that was more suited to a Commercial business, than to one of Britain's finest tourist attractions and home.

After a few months the issues had become intolerable and the manufacturer seemed unable to resolve or control the problems. A decision was made to look for another more suitable solution.

Ian Hughes had recently taken on the role of Group ICT Manager for Chatsworth and the Devonshire Group and having dealt with Icom for many years he asked us for professional advice to get over the current issues.

It became apparent that there were two fundamental issues:

  • a) The users had lost complete confidence in the new system and the support that came with it.
  • b) The installation was below standard and had been connected to the existing system wiring and building wiring, that in some places was more than forty years old, and was causing all manner of faults.
  • Icom recommended a Mitel 3300 believing that this was the best product available to cater for all the customers' requirements and would also be best suited to the a very complex organisation. A Mitel 3300 would also fully meet the requirements for their IP users in remote locations, in-particular the Estates Office which is served by a wireless link for both voice and data traffic.
  • We also recommended that the wiring from the previous system was removed and all the central core wiring be upgraded and reconnected onto a new termination frame.
  • The carefully planned evening changeover went smoothly and, with our issue free solution, the users had their confidence back.

Four years on that confidence still remains not just with the Mitel solution, but also with Icom who now support the groups' six telephone systems.