Call Recording and Call Logging

Call Recording and Call Logging are often vital additions to a Telephone system and provide companies with important information, allowing them to improve their quality and efficiencies.


  • Call Recording
  • Recording carries a number of benefits from resolving disputes, ensuring FSA and PCI DSS compliance to staff improvements in telesales and customer management. Such software provides a comprehensive ‘extension and line side’ call recording solution, packed with innovative features to search, record, play and archive telephone calls. Use of the latest web technologies also means that it is the most powerful, yet easy to use solution available today.


  • Call Logging
  • Having the right reporting solution allows you to get the best from your on-going investment in staff and telecoms. Our advanced call logging products show you how effectively staff deal with customers and gives you the information you need to improve and refine this process. The reporting capabilities are comprehensive, flexible and easy to use, so we’re confident you will soon see measurable results throughout your business. The service is fully supported and our dedicated team of field engineers can visit sites to resolve any queries or to help with any software updates or training.