East Kent Hospital University Foundation Trust Installation of Wifi Fire alarm system

We were required to update and replace the entire fire alarm system within this building in line with the most recent evacuation procedures and health and safety requirements.

After a full consultation with the trust and an in depth evaluation of the site, with it’s very precise requirements, we were able to provide a Wifi system to meet their needs.

Built in the late 1930’s during the Art Deco period this beautiful and historic building was understandably showing her age.

The under croft was very difficult to work in initially and we needed to carry out preliminary work here before we could gain safe access to the other areas where we needed to work.

Primarily this involved installing lighting in the under croft, which we donated free of charge so that our engineers could work safely.

Leaving it in-situ for the client also means that other contractors can also work more safely in the future in this space.

There are always many challenges when working in an Acute hospital with regards to; access to wards, safety of the patients, the inability to shut the system down while we work and the fact that the fire system is also linked to several other major hospitals in Kent.

However we are well used to working in these environments and have been an accredited contractor for the NHS and the public sector for a number of years.

The good relationship and trust that has been established between our director Kevin Godfrey and the Head of engineering and compliance in the estates department at East Kent has been cultivated over many years and allows for a smooth workflow.

Installing Wi-Fi in such buildings has its own particular challenges, namely the difficulty for the signal to transmit through the old building structure, the many different sections, wards and departments and not to mention the fire doors and firewalls already in place.

This means that the location of the 2000 expanders was extremely important.

Our partners for this install were Apollo and Advanced Fire systems with whom we have a good working relationship, and together we were able to provide the NHS with this outstanding system.

The positive impact for the trust has been immense and the most important aspect of this whole installation has been the added value for the public.

Zero impact for the patients and ensuring their safety and continuity of care at all times is a responsibility that we take very seriously.

The hospital now benefits from a future proofed top rate fire detection system.

The trust also now has full and detailed drawings of the whole site, which they can refer to at any time for future works, no matter who the contractor.

The strength of our relationship with the Hospitals Trust is a key factor in the success of this project.

The three-month install at East Kent was both extremely challenging and rewarding.

Knowing that we are adding value to the NHS and advising them on how best to invest their budgets and future proof their systems for the benefit of the public, is hugely rewarding for the persons involved as well as from a business point of view.

The Wifi Fire alarm system we designed and installed here is the the Largest expander Wifi system in the country!

The Trust is now looking at another of it’s Acute hospitals to ensure that the same high level upgrade and installation can be carried out by icom.

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