MCCH are a charity that support people with learning disabilities, autism or mental health needs. They work across London and the Southeast.

  • Icom Telesupport has worked for a while in the telehealthcare industry and with mcch in particular. We have a different approach with our solutions and were glad to be included on the Holly Lodge project to showcase innovative technology.
  • Icom has provided the development with state of the art Assistive Technology, which includes; movement sensors, flood sensors, infra-red beams, water management kits and further tele-healthcare enabling technologies. Each unit is controlled by bio metric readers (finger print scanners) in addition to an emergency FOB and an override key system. As well as security and Telecare services, Icom was able to inter connect and manage this through the telephone systems, thereby reducing disturbance to residents.
  • Such state of the art facilities not only provide a safe, secure environment for residents, carers and staff, but they also provide valuable, long reaching experiences which will enable clients to live in more mainstream housing
The goal for Holly Lodge is to increase the independence of people living there through the design and technology that will give them control over their environment and the opportunity to safely spend time on their own, if they wish.

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