The existing 82 cameras viewed at Swale Borough Council control room were displayed on a traditional CRT monitor wall, sectioned off intoquad pictures.

The design brief from the client was to transfer all cameras and telemetry control to the Medway Council control room. This was achieved by installing two BT 100Mb fibres with connecting RSL1000 units.

The new Medway Council control room consisted of the following:
  • 4 x 52″ JVC TFT monitors
  • Monitor wall
  • 3 x 17″ desk mounted monitors in swivel arms
  • 1 x new bespoke control room desk with ergonomic operator chair
  • CCTV control equipment located in server room

Kent Police commented that relocating more of the smaller town centre CCTV control rooms to larger regional hubs would be, in their view,the way forward.

This project was completed on time and within budget. There was minimal downtime, this project was politically sensitive and (it) has been a complete success.

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